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Vinegar for Easter eggs and sore feet.

Vinegar for Easter eggs and sore feet.

vinegar for sore feet prevent high heel pain wear high heels without the hurt

EasterSunday is often filled with new outfits (and shoes!), family traditions and vibrantly-colored eggs.

Many of us consider vinegar a key ingredient when coloring Easter eggs as it ensures the dye adheres to the egg shells making them as bright as possible. 

But that's not the only thing vinegar is good for!

Did you know that wrapping feet in vinegar-soaked towels can relieve foot pain and inflammation?

Vinegar (particularly apple cider vinegar) is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory - even when applied topically to the skin. Here's a quick recipe.

:: Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and heat in a large pan.

:: Mix equal amounts of vinegar and cold water in a separate bowl.

:: Soak a towel in the hot mixture, wring it out and wrap it around your foot for 10 minutes.

:: Then soak the towel in the cold mixture and wrap it around your foot for 10 minutes.

:: Repeat three times and feel the pain melt away.

To helpprevent swollen, tired, aching feet, consider usingVivian Lou Insolia Weight-Shifting insoles - the only insole scientifically-proven to prevent pain caused by low, mid and high heels. These amazing insoles adjust the pitch and position of the foot in high heels so you can wear the shoes you love without pain or inflammation!

Here's to healthy, pain-free feet this Easter holiday - and every day!

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