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Not all high heel insoles and inserts are created equal

There are quite a few options when it comes to high heel insoles, and deciding which one is best can be a bit confusing.

Aren't all high heel insoles created equal?


Here are 5 reasons why.

:: Function.
Gel and foam insoles mask the cause of pain by padding the forefoot. Vivian Lou Insolia insoles PREVENT the cause of pain by adjusting the pitch and position of the foot in high heels.

:: Material.
Most high heel insoles are made of gel or foam that can harbor bacteria and odor. Vivian Lou Insolia insoles are made of a firm patented resin that can be wiped clean.

:: Length.
Most gel and foam insoles are ¾ insoles that go under the forefoot crowding the toes. Vivian Lou Insolia insoles measure less than 7 inches so nothing goes under the forefoot. Nor do they make shoes feel tight.

:: Size.
Gel and foam insoles are one size fits all. Vivian Lou Insolia insoles aren't one size fits all. Because neither are feet (or shoes).

:: Structure.
Gel and foam insoles need to replaced every 6 months. Vivian Lou Insolia insoles never need to be replaced.

Find more reasons as to why you may want to choose Vivian Lou Insolia insoles over gel or foam insoles here and here.

Ideal for any style and type of shoe with a 1 inch heel or higher. Get some today.


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